Great Spotted Woodpecker


Our extensive range of bird feeders has been broken down in to categories to help you quickly and easily find the feeder you're looking for. Simply click on any of the thumbnails or titles to bring up all the feeders in that category!

Seed Feeders Seed Feeders

The 'must have' for feeding garden birds. Seeds generally attract the widest variety of species.

Peanut Feeders Peanut Feeders

Wire mesh tubular feeders to prevent the risk of young birds accessing whole peanuts.

Niger Feeders Niger Feeders

Fill these feeders with Niger seed to attract Goldfinches to your garden.

Suet Feeders Suet Feeders

A wide range of different feeders for all the different types of suet, from fat balls to suet cakes.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Squirrel Proof Feeders

A huge selection of feeders to stop Squirrels from accessing valuable bird food!

Other Feeders Other Feeders

Window Feeders, Mealworm Feeders, Ground Tables and Hanging Trays all feature here.